Mother’s Day 2018 Reflections

Books are one of my first loves. I partly attribute my terrible eyesight to many nights spent under the covers with a torch reading a book because it was just unputdownable. Of late I’ve been reading different genres of books, away from the fictional novels that I used to devour on the regular. When I look at the novels I loved so much, I notice that I have a ton of James Patterson‘s books. That man’s writing changed my life!

I remember how Mr Oluoch and Mr Kiai helped feed my addiction by getting me a library card to the Strathmore library. Oh my days! I’d never seen so many books in one place in my life. There I met Wilbur Smith with his African adventures, got to hang out with the Hardy Boys, Famous Five, Secret Seven and Nancy Drew as they solved mystery after mystery. I was one of the gang. I’d pick my selection of three books for the week and check them out with Umeme (I think that was what they called him), the really nice librarian who scared me though because he had a piece of his index finger missing.

A sample of my books

If I bequeath nothing else to my daughter, let her have my passion for reading and love books. Books are a gateway into another world, an escape from reality if only for 20 minutes. To build one’s imagination, creativity, language, expression – books!

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